Welded Mesh



Ace Wire Works specialises in manufacturing custom-made welded mesh panels for a diverse range of applications. Our quality products are manufactured in-house using advanced automated mesh welding machines that are capable of producing a wide range of mesh panel sizes up to 2600 mm wide and 6000 mm long, with customised aperture dimensions. Cross wire spacing from 10 mm and Line wire spacing from 20mm are available. Wire diameters can be specified from 2.00 mm to 10.00 mm. Wire materials include HDLC (mild steel), stainless (grades 304 & 316) or pre galvanised and Lifemax or Bezinal (Zinc/Aluminium coated) wire with optional surfaces finishes of chrome, zinc, nylon or powder coatings.

For wire diameter up to 5.00 mm, mesh sides can be trimmed with minimum overhang on line wires or minimum overhang all round.

Applications include Building, Fencing, Stillages, Shelving, Animal Enclosures, Gabion Baskets, Rural Mesh, Tree Guard Mesh Infrastructure, Mining, Catering Equipment, Gate Infill Mesh, Plant Nursery and Concrete Product Reinforcement Mesh and Ligatures.

With advanced automated mesh welding machines and the latest technology in robotic welding, Ace Wire Works can achieve the highest quality standards in customised welded mesh products.
acewire mesh welding machine
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