Pizza Tray Racks




Elevate your pizzeria or commercial kitchen with our sturdy, functional pizza tray racks, designed with our expertise and manufactured with premium materials. Our pizza tray racks are the way to go if you’re after durability, function and efficiency. 

Product Features 

  • Bespoke Approach. Our Pizza Tray Racks are tailor-made to suit your specific requirements, accommodating various tray sizes and quantities with ease.
  • Optimised Space. Maximise your kitchen’s space utilisation with our racks, providing efficient storage solutions that streamline your pizza production process.
  • Efficient Product Storage. Keep your pizza trays organised and easily accessible. This will assist productivity and reduce operational downtime. 

Product Specifications 

  • Wire Diameter.  2 – 12 mm
  • Finish Selection. Zinc, chrome, nylon, powder coating – depending on your kitchen’s requirements 
  • Materials. Mild steel, stainless steel, and pre-galvanised steel 
  • Application. Commercial kitchens, pizzerias, and more 
  • Order Quantity. 2 – 1000+