Wine Racks




Our wine racks offer the perfect solution for both wine enthusiasts and businesses looking to store and display their prized collections. With a range of customisable options, our wine racks are built to meet your specific needs – providing practical storage and a stunning display that adds charm and elegance to any space. 

Product Features 

  • Effective Display and Storage. Our wine racks are meticulously designed to provide an efficient and visually appealing way to store and display your wine bottles and glasses.
  • Versatile Design. Customisable to suit your preferences. 
  • Reduced Damage Costs. Securely store your wine bottles and glasses, reducing the risk of breakage and replacement expenses.
  • Efficient Space Usage. Maximise available space utilisation with our space-saving designs.

Product Specifications 

  • Wire Diameter.  2 – 12 mm
  • Finish Flexibility. Zinc, chrome, nylon, powder coating – depending on your requirements 
  • Materials. Mild steel, stainless steel, and pre-galvanised steel 
  • Order Quantity. 2 – 1000+