Cake Stands




In the world of commercial cake storage, the right tools are essential. Our cake trays perfectly blend thoughtful design, aesthetics, and functionality. Designed with care, these trays can accommodate cakes and desserts of all shapes and sizes while optimising storage space and airflow. 

Product Features 

  • Thoughtful Designs. Our cake trays are designed with precision, ensuring they provide the perfect support for cakes while allowing optimal air circulation to maintain cake freshness. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing. These trays are not just practical; they also add a touch of charm and elegance to your table. 
  • Efficient Space Usage. Engineered to maximise storage space, allowing you to efficiently store and display cakes of all sizes

Product Specifications 

  • Wire Diameter.  2 – 12 mm
  • Finish Selection. Zinc, chrome, nylon, powder coating 
  • Materials. Mild, stainless steel, and pre-galvanised steel 
  • Application. Storing cakes in commercial applications
  • Order Quantity. 2 – 1000+