Hand Sanitiser Stands / Medical Applications



Ace Wire Works uses precision electric resistance welders to produce mesh products that are suitable for a diverse range of medical device applications. The process uses electric power to heat and weld adjoining stainless steel parts by applying an electric current while at the same time subjecting the components to a compressive mechanical force. The result is a strong high-quality stainless steel mesh that can be used with confidence in a diverse range of medical applications.

Ace Wire Works also offers a range of Hand Sanitiser Stands and Hanger Brackets, suitable for use in a variety of applications. Our bespoke designs will allow customers to choose a style to suit their specific application. They offer an attractive, colourful, easy to read best practice solution for businesses that acknowledge Hand Sanitising is an essential need, not only now, but also the long term.

Ideal for Retail Shops, Car Dealerships, Multi Entry/Exit points, Service Counters, Receptions, Meeting Rooms, Manufacturing Companies, Banks, Take-Away stores, Building Foyers, Petrol Stations, Council Offices, Libraries, Workshops, Real Estate businesses etc.

The list of suitable locations is endless.

With modern machinery and the latest technology in 3D wire forming and steel fabrication, Ace Wire Works can achieve the highest quality products for medical applications and provide a configurable range of Hand Sanitiser Stands for both counter and floor standing applications.