Espalier Mesh




Espalier mesh is a quality tool for controlling plant growth in desired patterns and configurations. Providing a versatile solution for shaping plants, it allows gardeners to create visually stunning displays while optimising space and prioritising plant health. We can fully customise the product from the material to the wire diameter to suit customer’s needs. 

Product Features

  • Cost-Effectiveness. Espalier mesh offers a cost-effective solution for managing plant growth, providing optimal structural support at a reasonable cost – making it an economical choice for gardening and landscaping projects
  • Aesthetic Appeal. Our espalier mesh boosts garden aesthetics by creating visually pleasing displays of trained plants – adding charm and character to any outdoor space.

Product Specifications 

  • Wire Diameter. 2-12mm
  • Material Selection. Mild steel, stainless steel, and pre-galvanized steel
  • Bespoke Designs. Manufactured to customer specifications to create custom configurations and patterns
  • Order Quantity. 10-1000+